Use of Geo-Informatics in Farm Planning

Determining crop production potential and terrain suitability in Mozambique
  • Provision of affordable user-friendly GIS software to integrate, view and analyse all geo-informatic data
  • Training and support towards the use of GIS software
  • Supply and acquisition of all relevant spatial data and information
  • Digital terrain analysis - contour planning - other terrain parameters (slope, aspect, hydrology)
  • Mapping of farm infrastructure from high resolution imagery
  • Vegetation (type, condition and grazing capacity, irrigation scheduling, damage by pest and diseases)
  • Soil (processing of soil analytical data - interpolation and maps)
  • Planning of irrigation infrastructure (placement of dams, pipelines and drainage)
  • Market analysis (distance to markets, transport and storage infrastructure)
  • Mapping of fences (current and planned) and boundaries (e.g. existing and new sugarcane fields)
  • Integration of climatic data (evaluate crop suitability/requirements)
  • Existing degradation (erosion, alien invasive plants)
  • Sustainable land management practices (extract relevant/appropriate information from existing databases e.g. WOCAT database)
  • Yield data (process and integrate combine harvester data)
  • Development of a totally integrated farm land use plan with a strong interaction from the client