Global Mapper v21 release
Blue Marble Geographics released Global Mapper 21 this week. Some of the new functionality:

  •  The Global Mapper MangoMap Extension for publishing maps directly to a MangoMap online map site
  •  Global Mapper Mobile 2.0. with improved functionality throughout the app as well as a new Pro version
  •  Improved feature label creation and management
  •  Improved layer management with target layer selection now available in all vector feature creation dialog boxes
  •  New tool for identifying local peaks and depressions in a terrain layer
  •  New tool for recording a fly- and walk-mode path in the 3D Viewer as a line feature
  •  Improved layer template creation for form-based data collection
  •  Keyframe animation allowing the display of a sequence of layers to visualize change over time
  •  New option to replace a mesh's texture
  •  New option to calculate Strahler's stream order as part of watershed analysis
  •  New function to add a specified slope to vector features
  •  New option to create a textured 3D model from terrain and draped imagery
  •  New option to allow the export of Global Mapper Mobile package files (for use in Global Mapper Mobile) in the current display projection (requires Global Mapper Mobile 2.0)