Global Mapper training during the lock-down
Global Mapper training during the Covid Pandemic provided some challenges, but also many opportunities.

SMC continued to provide professional and practical training throughout this period, and expanded their offerings:

• During lock-down, free training and Q&A sessions were provided at no charge to our clients from all over Africa
• Certificated training continued, with all the updated material and on the latest version of Global Mapper
• All available platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet) are available in line with client preference
• Advanced Training requires two full days of intensive training, and the LiDAR Module (which was replaced by the Global Mapper Pro addition) required another full day of intensive training

In addition to training for South African clients, training was provided for clients in Ivory Coast (Integrale Optimum), Mali (Formation SERTAS), Ghana (Goldfields), Zimbabwe (Geosmatt), and many more.

Anyone interested in customised training should contact us at Training options are available with a minimum of 5 participants.