The wait is over - Global Mapper Pro is here
Global Mapper Pro®, the newest addition to the Global Mapper family, is finally here! Global Mapper Pro incorporates all of the powerful point cloud processing tools previously available in the now-retired Global Mapper Lidar Module, and expands the functionality to include more terrain analysis and automated tools.

Global Mapper Pro boasts tools for workflow optimization, including new automated tools for extracting breaklines from terrain and vector features from raster data based on matching or similar values. In addition, a scripting expansion includes a new Script Editor dialog for building scripts and new Python integration, allowing python developers to access and use Global Mapper functions through Python scripts and environments.

Learn more about Pro as our team of experts host an upcoming webinar, Introducing Global Mapper Pro, on October 6th, at 2 PM (EDT). During this hour-long presentation, attendees will see the program in action and will have the opportunity to ask questions about the new functionality.